Reading with Rex – Poem


The cold winter air hits my skin

Though I’ve been outside for so long

That I barely can even feel it anymore.

The shadow of the statue above me

Is shading the book in my lap.


Despite the fact that the lights are

Blinding me each and every time I look up.

I’m content as I lean against the cold material,

I don’t even know what he’s made of.


All I know is that my voice is echoing

In the empty night,

The only one to hear me is Rex,

The statue who listens to me read.


I’m not sure why I feel content,

Maybe it’s the air that I can’t even feel.

Perhaps even the book in my lap

Or my voice as I am overly aware of it.


It’s not my bed that I feel most at home

Not even that house I barely know

But moments like these,

When Rex is the only one to hear

My thoughts, it’s almost as though he is my family.


Despite the fact that you can walk passed the colorful wall,

Through the alleyway between the buildings,

And directly in front to the building that I call my room.

It is not my home, despite everything.

Instead it is a spot underneath the statue,

Being protected by his strength

And invisible to all those who do not listen to his roar.


Under the Willow Tree – POEM


We trekked towards the habitual spot

Became united under the Willow Tree

The alluring forestry cloaking us

Giving no glimpse to our antics


As seasons passed and the tree succumbed to the climates

Trifling and rejoicing in the leaves below

The scent would fill us

Reminiscing on the fun times we had

Conscious of the impeding phase


Till the sunshine fled

We jumped and clowned to our hearts content


I traveled lonesome

Awaiting his appearance

Could not fathom how he could be departed

And I let out a bellow

Exposing my sorrowing heart

As I grieved for him to reappear

Paranoia. – POEM.


Is there somebody listening?

Have you seen the rustle of the trees?

I think somebody may be there

I know that people want to know

I know that people want to listen

I think I just saw somebody

Lurking in the woods

I know that I just saw a shadow

I don’t think my eyes are deceiving me

You’re telling me this is simply


But I know what I saw

My eyes weren’t deceiving me

I think I heard my name in that conversation over there

This can’t be paranoia

My eyes can not be lying to me

Why does nobody believe me?

Are they in on it too?

There’s something in those trees over there

I don’t think we’re safe anymore

I think something serious is happening

I think somebody wants to harm me


Don’t tell me this paranoia

This can not be paranoia

There is no way this is paranoia

My eyes are not lying to me

I can see it over there

Right there

Right now

Can’t you?

Why can’t you see it?

I know it’s there?

This isn’t paranoia

I’m not crazy

Don’t tell me I am

Why can no one else see the truth?

How can my eyes not be trustworthy?

Maybe they need to leave my body

I can’t have something I don’t trust

Maybe I can claw them out

Who cares if I can’t see?

Maybe that’s for the best

I won’t be able to see what is in the woods

And I don’t think that’s bad

Since nobody else can see.

Goodbye Never Came – Poem


I can’t believe you died

In the middle of a fight

Like it was time for you to go.

I can’t believe you’re gone

Goodbye never came

And I can’t seem to let go.

Imagining you leave

Trying to make sense of it

There must have a reason

That you didn’t say goodbye.

The vision of a truth

A mission to find

Why you couldn’t say goodbye.

Why I couldn’t say I’m sorry.

I’ve searched and searched

and nothing makes sense

Besides the peaceful creature

Lying and pretending that death isn’t in him.

He must have been the reason you never came back.

No one believes me

But I know the truth.

The peaceful truth is not peaceful at all.

I can’t believe you didn’t say goodbye.

There has to be a reason that you’re not here now.

I can’t accept that

I’ll never be able to say sorry.

That a goodbye never came

and that you’re gone forever.

There must have been a reason

That the peaceful creature was not peaceful at all.

That you’re gone forever

And a goodbye never came.


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Adultolescence by Gabbie Hanna : Book Review + Top Ten List!


Book Title: Adultolescence.

Author: Gabbie Hanna.

Publication Date: September 19th, 2017

Rating (Out of 5 Stars) : 5.



When I tell you how excited I was to buy this book, you probably wouldn’t believe me. I would hope you know this amazing comedian and NOW one of my favorite poets. Her name is Gabbie Hanna though you probably know her as TheGabbieShow and I’ve been subscribed for about two years when I accidentally found of her videos and beforehand, I had watched her vines from over a friend’s shoulder.


But this isn’t about my love for her, it’s about my love for this book and hopefully you wouldn’t consider me biased. I’ve only been watching her for about two years though I have never had the opportunity to meet her personally.


Regardless, let’s get onto my review of this poetry book. While I wasn’t sure that I would love the book originally, worried that I wouldn’t enjoy her writing style or would find her work a little cliché.


I found myself saying, “This reminds me of a girl’s diary or Tumblr page accidentally being published like the movie from Read it and Weep.”


This is an amazing aspect for poetry, a piece of work that is personal anyways is given an added bonus if it makes you feel like it should never have been read and I was given that feeling. I found myself laughing at the dark humor such as Recess and BFF and relating when it came to Anxiety and Depression. 


She has the relatability and humor to make herself an amazing poet and I think that she did an amazing job with this. If you love dark humor, lyrical poetry, and deep and dark work, this is the poetry book for you. It’s not one of those stuffy commercial poetry books that you learn about in your English class but something that you read and understand on a personal level.


It’s really hard for me to give 5 stars for books as I always find myself critiquing something and while I would have critiqued the text language for a few of the poems, I found myself believing that the poem itself kind of needed it. It gave that personal feeling like she had written it on Twitter.



My Top Ten List! 

10. Recycle.

9. BFF.

8. Recess.

7. Fashion.

6. Chivalry.

5. Smile.

4. Dolly.

3. Stranger.

2. Depression.

1. Dollhouse.


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I Just Need…

This entire time I have been searching

For something worth fight for

You were there for me

But I must have overlooked you

It wasn’t until I realized

That you’re the sunshine

Amidst the storm

The light at the end of the tunnel

At first I didn’t realize

But now I know That this entire time

You have been my reason for fighting

I have been drowning

And I need you to save me

I have been falling

And I need you to catch me

I have been fighting all alone.

I didn’t realize you were still there

I didn’t realize you were waiting for me to realize

Now I will fight harder

And know that it is because of you.

I just need your smile

I just need your touch

I just need you

To be there and know

That through my fighting

I will fight for you

As long as you allow me

And as long as you are willing to let me.

I will fight for you.

Because I just need your smile

Big Man in Red – POEM


It’s Christmas Time

Almost Time for the Big Man in Red

To Come Down the Chimney.

But This Christmas

He is Not Alone

Cause I Asked for Something Big.

I Asked for You.

Don’t be Alarmed

When a Joyous Man

Puts You in a Red Sack.

You’re the Only One I Want.

I Want Someone Who Will Love Me.

The Big Man in Red

Is Taking You to Me.

It’s Christmas Time.