Reading with Rex – Poem


The cold winter air hits my skin

Though I’ve been outside for so long

That I barely can even feel it anymore.

The shadow of the statue above me

Is shading the book in my lap.


Despite the fact that the lights are

Blinding me each and every time I look up.

I’m content as I lean against the cold material,

I don’t even know what he’s made of.


All I know is that my voice is echoing

In the empty night,

The only one to hear me is Rex,

The statue who listens to me read.


I’m not sure why I feel content,

Maybe it’s the air that I can’t even feel.

Perhaps even the book in my lap

Or my voice as I am overly aware of it.


It’s not my bed that I feel most at home

Not even that house I barely know

But moments like these,

When Rex is the only one to hear

My thoughts, it’s almost as though he is my family.


Despite the fact that you can walk passed the colorful wall,

Through the alleyway between the buildings,

And directly in front to the building that I call my room.

It is not my home, despite everything.

Instead it is a spot underneath the statue,

Being protected by his strength

And invisible to all those who do not listen to his roar.


Favorite Apps on My Phone!



Twitter is quite easily my favorite social media platform. I believe Twitter to be easiest platform to find information out about the world, stay connected to those around you, and even do some major social media stalking (WHERE YOU GET NOTICED!!) I love a lot of things about it and it’s one of those social media platforms that you can grow as a person and as a writer which is something that I absolutely adore. Follow me on Twitter!


Good REads.jpg


Good Reads, for obvious reasons, is one of my favorite apps out there when it comes to reading. It is because of this app that I can keep up with what books that I have read, what books that I haven’t read, and what books that I want to read. It’s an amazing way to keep updated and have a reminder of what books that I still want to read and a reminder as to what I have read. Follow me on Goodreads!


I have always loved this site/app and having the app on my phone allows me to write as I feel the need to do so and to read the works of others on here whenever I want!


Spotify allows me to listen to music, included music that I have downloaded myself and even radio stations such as Feminist Friday and whatever else that you may be interested in!

Innocent App.jpg


Innocent is actually the only game on my entire phone which is a detective story where you play games so that you can unlock different things and uses real time as you uncover the mystery!


Recently, I have been interested in having a healthier life style and losing weight as I do weigh more than I ought to which has recently become a concern of mine. Lifesum allows me to keep up with how many calories I have eaten, how many more glasses of water that I need, how many calories that I have burned off, and healthy recipes for me to try!


7 MINUTE.png


7 MINUTES allows me to create and use their 7 MINUTES workout that last for 7 minutes as they talk to me and encourage me as I do them. This ensures that I do exactly what I am supposed to do as I am supposed to do them.




Finally, but definitely not least, I have recently downloaded an app simply called “Bible” which was originally simply so I could use the Bible however this would not have made the list if that is all that it did. This app gives me a bible verse a day, has various versions of the bible for you to use, and allows to have plans so that you can strengthen your relationship with God whether you are new to your faith (like I am), dealing with Mental Health, relationships, or anything else which can help you feel better about the situations that you are involved in. It’s an amazing app if you are a religious person and I highly suggest it!

Snow and Five Things You Can Do in Order to Avoid it!

So as many of you may know, I live in the state of North Carolina and recently is snowed about 9-11 inches in a period of two days which is a lot, especially for our first snow of the year.

We are one of those states that while it does snow, it doesn’t snow excessively so schools tend to freak out. I know that the people up north make fun of us because we tend to freak out and close down, but honestly it makes a lot of sense for us.

Due to the fact that it doesn’t snow nearly enough, our school buses and our schools in general are not to the requirements of making it through the snow and managing life. It’s a safety hazard not to close down unless bus transportation can rationally get everywhere safely, otherwise it would be a case of students being unsafe.

So before you make fun of us and freak out, please think rationally before you do so, we don’t have basically a year round snow, we have OCCASIONAL snow. Meaning most of our cars and buses are not equipped to deal with such weather conditions. Personally, I think it is one of our state’s major design issues.

Anyways so with 9-10 inches of snow, unsurprisingly school was cancelled and not only that but because of my mom and step dad getting separated, my mom was really worried about driving in the snow so I spent all of my weekend at one of her coworker’s house.

I actually loved it there! Since the move, I haven’t had a lot of chances to be with dogs since we moved into an apartment without one which is the first time since I was about three years old. I have a bunch of fish (8, not including my 2 snails) but it’s just not the same.

But since I hate snow (I love the weather, don’t question that but I think snow is rather pointless) , I was trying to think of stuff to do and here is my list of indoor activities to do during bad weather conditions (while I pretend that I ever go outside anyways)!


One : Here’s the obvious. Watch movies!

The house I was at had absolutely no internet so I was going through all of her movies to find some stuff and here is the list of movies I watched!

  • Jurassic Park : The Remake.
  • Catch Me if You Can (with Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks!)
  • Titanic (with Leonardo Dicaprio!)
  • The Green Mile (with Tom Hanks!)

There was a mild Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio connection as I kept watching movies and while I am POSITIVE there are more, I can not for the life of me remember what the rest were.


Two : If you’re a writer, especially. WRITE!

Weirdly enough, I mostly just read Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction rather than writing but still, this is an option that I definitely should have taken advantage of. Oops? Oh well, I still have the rest of this snow break!

As a writer, any excuse given is a good excuse to write.

Three : If you’re a student. DO HOMEWORK!

Class only barely started, in fact. I still haven’t had my last college class on my list because I haven’t had college on a Thursday or a Friday yet.

But unfortunately, I did have homework. So, of course, I did it! Relatively easy and on a completely random note, I think I am going to really like my Art Appreciation professor!

But honestly, as we get further into the semester. Snow days become a blessing because you have all this free time to work on things, especially if you’re running behind on work. This is a great chance to catch up!


Four : This is great for everyone. READ!

If you’re one of those poor suckers who hate reading, I feel so bad for you because you are missing out on a lot of stuff! But honestly, if you “hate” reading, you just have not found the right book or genre and this could be a great chance to read a book inside your home (I had William Shakespeare : The Complete Plays) or go onto your phone and computer to search up good books to read.

Wattpad (not being sponsored in any way) is a great website if you want free, original stories or even fan fiction! You just have to do some searching. I obsessively read an Ouran fan fiction this entire weekend that I absolutely adored. If you want to add me on Wattpad : Sharkylovesyou.

Five : This is great for any age. DO SOME COLORING! 

Apparently these adult coloring books have gotten really popular and honestly, I have a Harry Potter coloring book that I absolutely adore coloring in and this is a great thing you can do if you get bored.

It’s a way to think creatively and have some fun! I have the Harry Potter coloring book : Places and Characters and I finished up the Quidditch picture on New Years (picture below) but I started working on another picture over the break.

I suck at coloring but I had a lot of fun!


But anyways, regardless of what you do. HAVE FUN! These are just some of my ideas if you’re stuck and by no means does it mean that you have to. I hope you guys have an amazing day and PLEASE STAY WARM!

If you’re in a place like Florida, I envy you.

10 Things to Do After a Break Up

If you’re going through a break up, you’re probably lost. A mixture between wanting to cry or punch everything in sight and sometimes wanting to do all of the above at the exact same time.


There’s a lot of things that you’re probably angry or upset about but this post isn’t about dwelling on all of that.


So here are 10 things to do after a break up besides THINKING about the break up.


1.Become closer to your friends. With being in a relationship, you’ve probably been taking yourself away from your friends but this time is absolutely the time to try and fix that. You need your friends more than ever right about now, to distract you from your feelings or even to vent. This break up has caused me to become so much closer to my friends.


 I find myself appreciating my friends more than ever right now.


2. Do something on your bucket list! If you have a bucket list, which you probably do, this is the perfect time to finish something on it. So take out your bucket list, figure out what you want to do and do it!


Break ups are just the end of a chapter, not the end of your life.


3. Delete him from everything. I know, this is hard and scary but trust me, it helps. You do not need to be finding yourself stalking his tweets on twitter or his new pictures on Facebook or see his story on Snapchat. It just isn’t what you need in your life and it WILL hurt you more to see his happy smile or anything else.




4. Try out a new look. This is the time to self indulge and not be criticized so cut your hair, wear something crazy, or just plain dress down. Sometimes a little mascara helps a lot for your self esteem.




5. Post a new profile picture. If you’re anything like me, your profile picture was probably you and your ex so now it is time to change your profile picture! Make sure it’s sexy and hot!


Prove that you can be happy without him.


6. Get your flirt on. I mean, yeah, you just got out of a relationship but I mean, you’re finally free! So get dressed up, put on some mascara, and get your flirt on. Perfect chance to flutter your eyes and prove to your ex that you don’t need him and to get your self esteem up.




7. Focus on your schoolwork. Schoolwork is going to come up soon and maybe this is the time to stop procrastinating and to just study. You are an independent woman and so prove that and get your grades up (or even focus on your career!)




8. Eat ice cream or some other dessert. You are single, girl and this is the magic recipe for a break up. It’s like a right of passage and you will not be judged. So self indulge, you don’t have to look good for anyone anymore.




9. Create a Playlist. Man, it’s time to listen to music and smile. You used to have to listen out for his messages but no more so feel free to blast the music and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs. If you don’t want to make a playlist yourself, listen to this one!




10. Read a Book! You have been so busy hanging out with him, I doubt you’ve had time to read and if you’d like, you could read my book. It’s all about a girl getting over her break up and falling in love.




But most of all, just enjoy yourself.


We are the single sisters,

Sabrina Ingram.