Nine Most Memorable Things in 2018

My Mom and Mark Got Engaged


When I first started this blog, my mom was actually going through a divorce with a man that I absolutely hated. I do plan on posting something really special for their wedding which is set for June 2019. I was actually there and was fully aware that it would be happening.


I Graduated High School


I never talked about this but I actually graduated later than I had originally planned. Instead of graduating in May like everybody else, I actually graduated in July because I had to take an online class due to a scheduling mishap. High School was definitely not the best years of my life but I am so glad that it’s over so that I can continue on with my life.


I Went Vegan


I can not believe it’s almost been a year since I went vegan. I actually went vegan very early on in the year and it boggles my mind that it’s only been a year. I feel like a lot of my experiences and my life has kinda been shaped around this and has helped me in a positive light. It’s been one of the best decisions I ever made and I cant wait to see what happens in 2019.


I Visited NYC for a Week


One of the best things about this trip was easily the vegan food. Before I went vegan, I had no idea just how many things I could still eat when I finally made the decision. But going to New York was an entirely new ball game, everywhere we went had vegan options and this one off the wall place we went to and didn’t even realize was vegan. Visiting everything and experiencing the city through food was the best part of the entire trip and I don’t think I could ever forget it.


I Started Queens University of Charlotte


In August, I began attending Queens University of Charlotte with a major in Creative Writing. Surprisingly enough, my minors have always been the same but I have slowly been fine tuning them to be what I want which is why my official minors are Jewish Studies and Philosophy. Queens has been an amazing experience, where I tried Laser Tag for the first time, walked 2.4 miles in the snow just so I could have pizza from Mellow Mushroom, had many late nights with my friends.


I Went to NYC on Halloween


This is probably one of the most random things I have ever done in my life. About 3 or 4 days before we left, the conversation began because my friend had won free tickets to see Hamilton for October 31st. We were in the front row and everything but at the time, we were obviously in Charlotte, NC so there was so much driving involved. We found the Hell on Wheels truck and followed it for 20 minutes and then finally got to see Hamilton. It was one of the most amazing, exhausting, and hilarious 24 hours of my life.


Below is the Vlog that my friend had made, I am not heavily featured in this but that red volkswagen is my lovely car so that’s always fun!



Madison Surprised Me On My Birthday


This is honestly one of the sweetest things in my entire life. My roommate surprised me on my birthday by decorating my side of the room with over 40 balloons. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing in the world and I love her dearly. Shout out to her for also taking me to Cinnaholic!


I Went to Carolina Rebellion


I went to Carolina Rebellion with Mark, my mom’s now fiance but at the time they were simply dating and it was absolutely amazing. I found my childhood and fell back in love with Black Veil Brides all over again. I don’t think I could ever forget this experience and the music that came along with it!


My Relationship


So I actually did date somebody in 2018. It was an unfortunately short relationship but it’s definitely memorable for multiple reasons and even though we are no longer together nor are we talking anymore, I still think it’s noteworthy to indicate that entire situation.


Bucket List Completion: Seeing a Broadway Play!


Our Relationship Q&A

Do you guys remember the first time you saw each other?



I don’t, unfortunately. I knew of his existence before we officially met because he was my brother’s best friend but I don’t remember the first time I actually saw him.



It was a day that me and Andrew were going to hang out at Josh’s. Drew had just seen his sister, I marveled that he had one. He pointed her out wearing that red dress which is how I noticed you. I replied that you looked nothing alike.


Do you remember the first time you guys met? Where was it?



This is actually kind of a funny story, which I should preface by explaining that he is my brother’s best friend. So, basically this was one of the first times that he had ever come over to my house and he was coming back to the bathroom and my bedroom and my brother’s bedroom were right beside each other and he came into my bedroom, got all flustered and apologized and then immediately closed the door and ran back to my brother’s bedroom. I wasn’t even effected by this because I had gotten so used to it but it’s a funny story now that we are together.



Official meeting is hard. The first time we ran into each other was when I continued the tradition of walking into her room on accident. The first time we really spoke however, that I can remember was me walking into the house with Andrew and she offered me Galaxy ice cream. She didn’t have blue so she used orange instead. It tasted like cheese cake.


How long were you guys just friends?



We met when I was 15 years old (2015), and we weren’t even friends until I was about 17 years old. It all started after I was becoming friends with that little group and I hugged one of our friends, and he made a joke about the fact that I didn’t hug him so I did and we hugged every time we saw each other after that and slowly became friends. However, we became really close in November, 2017 and got together on May 28th, 2018.



Officially about a year. Although I counted her as a friend since the day she let on that she had read Magnus Chase.


How do you think being friends first has affected your relationship?



I feel like when we both really acknowledged that we liked each other, it took away the requirement to get to know each other. We had been really good friends for the past 6-7 months and had known each other for years so we knew a lot about each other and I think the fact that we became friends first was definitely a good thing.



It helped us skip the awkward getting-to-know-you phase. We were able to progress our relationship further in a lesser amount of time.


How long did you guys have feelings for each other before you got together?



It should be noted first and foremost that he was in a relationship for a good amount of our friendship but I started having feelings for him in about January, 2018. I never told him, I never acted on the feelings or anything like that. I actually spent a good amount of time avoiding the fact that I liked him, and I even tried to move on once but it just never worked out.



Straight friend zone until about a week before we got together. She was there for me and I began to see that she wasn’t just crushing.


Complete the Sentence: “My boyfriend/ girlfriend is ____.”



My boyfriend is: present. He has been there for me through so long, even back when we were just friends. He helps me through my anxiety and comforts me when I’m not feeling well. I feel so comfortable with him and I can talk to him about everything. I am so lucky that I got to fall in love with my best friend.



My girlfriend is: Ardent.

(Ardent means enthusiastic or passionate.)


What is your favorite thing about each other?



My favorite thing about him is how much he cares. I love how fast he is to support his friends, how fast he is to protect them and care for him.




Her genuine nature. If she loves or hates something, they know it.


What is your least favorite thing about each other?



My least favorite thing about him is how self- deprecating he is. He doesn’t realize how absolutely amazing he is and just sees the absolute worst in himself. I wish he could see the version of him that I see.



How quickly she jumps to a conclusion. She usually thinks the worst possible thing and reacts accordingly. It requires a lot of conversation and explanation but I wouldn’t change it save to put your mind at ease.


Do you guys share any hobbies?



He actually does write a bit, he’s a fantasy writer and has written fanfiction in the past but I think that’s about it. He’s also a big reader!



Reading. And writing (to a lesser extent on my behalf as you are MUCH more prolific.)


Who is the dominant one in the relationship?



Him, I would say.



Can’t say. We’re kind of autonomous. Neither seems to take the lead.


What is the story behind how you guys got together? When was your first kiss?



So, basically, we were hanging out with a group of our friends and alcohol was involved. We were in each other’s arms and then all of a sudden, he was looking at me and he kissed me. He ran away to the bathroom after that and we talked about what it meant for our relationship and we got together.



Not a very romantic one. I’d just ended a very long relationship and with the help of my friend’s comfort and a bottle of tequila, I decided to go with my feelings.


He had just gotten out of a relationship. Is he 100% sure you’re not a rebound or whatever?



I’d been done with the relationship for a long time before it ended. It had gotten to a point where I was hurting myself more by staying. It was a bit quick, and perhaps in-advisably so. But rebound holds the stigma of being ingenuine and it’s not that. Sometimes I think it was a bit classless for how quick it was, but it wasn’t a rebound.



I wanted you to see his response to this question first. I’m not going to lie that it hasn’t been a concern of mine in the past. However, I can assure you that he is an absolutely amazing guy who would never do such a thing. There were a lot of issues in that relationship (that I will never, ever discuss) and while we don’t have the best timing in our relationship. I would never, ever change that. I completely trust him in his words and I hope you guys keep an open mind about him because he’s not going away any time soon.


What was your first road trip? Where to? How long? Why?



Our first road trip was about a week after we got together. We were both invited to a mutual friend of our’s wedding. I had to be there a day early as I was a bridesmaid and I invited him to come along with me so I wasn’t rooming alone at the hotel (because I’m a chicken) and this was all planned after we got together. It was for 2 days, the day before the wedding and then we left right after it. The wedding was in Roanoke and we stayed in a really colorful hotel, one of the Hilton’s where my mom works!



The wedding. Only about two hours to Roanoke for two days.


When did you guys first say “I love you” to each other? Did you hold back or did you say it the moment you began to feel it?



It was actually during the road trip. Which might seem super soon but we had known each other for years beforehand and it just felt right. We kept making references that we felt a lot for each other and he made it clear that he wanted to say it during a time where he was sure I believed him until finally, he just said it and I said it back.


Though, interestingly enough. I had told him that I loved him as a friend beforehand. I had written a secret decoding message where I told him how much he meant to me and how special he was and I said, “I love you (nlt).”



I held off for a full 24 hours.

(He means after he felt it)


What was your first date?



We went to Geeksboro (the coffee shop in Greensboro) and played the 36 Questions to Fall in Love and just got to know each other on a romantic basis. We spent so many hours just talking and then we came over to my house and played video games and just talked a bunch.



Geeksboro. It was a rather peaceful affair of getting the finer details about each other.


What is your favorite memory of being together?



My favorite memory of him was probably way before we were even dating. All of our friends had decided to go watch a movie and we decided not to go with them (for a couple of reasons). We spent the entire time talking about ghost encounters,  past friendships, and we watched ghost videos on YouTube before we decided to watch Moana on Netflix.



Dancing at the wedding.


How would you describe your relationship?



Since we were friends for so long, I think it’s very clear in our relationship. We can talk about anything and we know each other super well so we’re always showing each other stuff that we like on Facebook or whatever else. Alternatively, we are also super gooey and romantic and can be kind of cringy in that way.



Two similar and awkward young people with a strong connection doing their best to forget the past, prepare the future, and live the present as happily as they can for themselves and their partner.


What do you guys typically do together?



We typically play Skyrim on his PS3 that he keeps at my house, we watch horror movies, we talk a lot, and some other things…



Talk, watch stuff, make out.


What does he think of Apple? What does Apple think of him?



He absolutely adores Apple! I think I’ve spoiled him to the idea of having a ferret. My mom considers him to be Apple’s father and Apple absolutely adores playing with him.



I love the little guy and think he’s adorable. And I don’t know, can’t speak ferret.


Are you guys going to be doing a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) while you’re in college? How do you plan on handling that? 



We do plan on doing a LDR while I’m at college. I will be going to University in Charlotte while he will be near Greensboro, which is about an hour and a half drive. Because of this, we will be able to see each other quite a bit (though it will be problematic while I can’t have my car) and he does plan on coming over and I plan on coming home a lot. Otherwise, we plan on using the video chat on Messenger and texting a lot.



Same way I handle everything. A day at a time. I trust her fully and while I’ll probably get worried about her safety sometimes, I know she’ll be okay. And I’m going she’s going to be going out there and making her life better. I can’t wait wait to see the person she grows in to. And it’s not like it’s anywhere to forever. We’re going to keep in touch.



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Unrequited Crushes


You know, the most fascinating thing about life is that people have crushes. We look at different individuals or we meet individuals and you find their hair, eyes, and maybe even their voice attractive.


We begin this weird crush where we begin getting to know them, not necessarily just by conversation but by what we learn as we find ourselves observing them from afar or even when the lucky few actually have the courage to begin a conversation with them.


It’s crazy, we find ourselves physically attracted so we slowly become emotionally invested in them, like when we become obsessive over a celebrity but with this person, it’s a legitimate possibility.


With the celebrity, there are so many factors on why you will never date the celebrity such as age, personal interests, differences, and their celebrity lifestyle. However with this person, they are someone that you see a good amount of times, somebody you could easily have the chance to get to know…. So, why do crushes often stay unrequited?


As someone who has had her fair share of unrequited crushes, people that I were best friends with and had a crush on them all the way to the opposite side of the spectrum where I had never had the guts to speak to them one time in my entire life, I have had those crushes and the most fascinating thing is that I have never had a crush on someone where a relationship transpired from it.


I keep wondering, why do they not like me?


Did they find my crush creepy? A fair assessment as while I never was a stalker, I often did find myself looking at them, observing them as they laughed with their best friends or watched as they played ultimate frisbee or whatever else they did, like drawing or listening to music.


Did they just not find me attractive? Another fair assumption as I have never been the most attractive person ever, as someone who stands at 5’0 and is supposed to weigh about 115 pounds, I can promise that I weigh significantly more than that and my hair is often unruly and unkempt, a trait that curly hair often has, and my face is always completely bare of make up.


However, I think it comes from what crushes often come with. Crushes are often people who have very little confidence, they don’t share a lot of personal faith in their existence and they don’t often come hand in hand with the “popular people.”


If people ever tell you what guys, or girls, like the most about their significant other, it is always that they like confidence. Confidence in confronting their fears, like wondering what would happen if they had a crush on somebody and still confronting the fear.


So maybe that’s why.


Or maybe it’s a completely different reason, something similar to why celebrity crushes are always unrequited if you were not to count for age differences and celebrity lifestyles because there are cases where celebrities go out on dates and the person already knows everything about them and they know nothing about their date, it’s an unfair situation that puts a level of separation between the two people. Could someone who has had such an intense crush ever genuinely be able to have a normal relationship, taking the person in question off of the pedestal that existed during their crush and getting out of their fantasy?


The story of unhealthy and unstable relationships is throughout the entire novel and I think that’s the beauty of it, you can always relate to one of the relationships.


The novel that I have recently finished (more information will be released soon!) , I handle this situation. An unrequited crush that becomes legitimate and the problems that comes with it. The story of unhealthy and unstable relationships is throughout the entire novel and I think that’s the beauty of it, you can always relate to one of the relationships. The unhealthy friendship, the unhealthy relationship, the confusing relationship, unstable family relationships, and so much more.


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I Am Not Ready to Date… Yet

As you guys probably know very well, a few months ago my boyfriend and I broke up. I thought he was the love of my life which was stupid since we were only together about seven months.

Honestly, the break up didn’t come to me as a surprise. We had problems and we were struggling. I knew that, I tried to talk about it but we were both denying it. We knew we had a problem but we would ignore it and would just make out or whatever. All we really did at one point in our relationship was kiss.

He was my first kiss… I didn’t know what the etiquette was supposed to be. I still don’t in fact. But anyways, this is not about him.

I have been struggling to move on, I mean, I thought moving on was having feelings for another guy but I realized recently that it wasn’t the case.

I went on a date to see Doctor Strange and while it didn’t start out that great (with a misunderstanding of addresses and then a minor car accident) , the date was not bad at all.

In fact, he was kind, understanding, funny, a good listener. He was great in fact and the reason behind why we will never have a second date has nothing to do with him but myself.

I have spent the time since we broke up, trying my hardest to get over who I thought was the love of my life. I “moved” on and I thought that was enough but now I realize that it isn’t true.

I have not moved on.

Perhaps my brain had moved on, my brain was able to make sense of the situation. I understand exactly why it happened and how. I understand all of this however, just like this quote.

“If the heart has not healed, it means it is not ready to move.” – Rexon Wilson.

I think that is where my problem lies, I don’t think my heart as healed…

How do you know when your heart is healed?
Honestly, I am not one hundred percent sure but I have made a list of starting points.


  1. Stop thinking about him.
  2. Stop comparing him to others.
  3. Stop caring about him.
  4. Realize that dating isn’t cheating.


That last one, that one is the worst. That moment when you are on a date and then your ex crosses your mind and you feel like you are cheating.

I was naive and in my naivety, I assumed my first kiss would be my last kiss. This is now an impossible dream that will never happen but I don’t think when we broke up that it occurred to me how much I don’t know.

Does my kissing (one month) rule change now that I actually have been kissed.

These are my five beginning steps to getting over somebody that I so desperately want to get over.

So, I have no idea what will happen in the future. I have no idea how long this process is. But apparently being sickened by the existence of a man isn’t enough.

Who would have thought?

Plus, for the extra bonuses of this realization, I will be able to get to know myself more. Know myself more than just as a writer, read, friend, and lover. I want to Sabrina Ingram as a whole and yes, all of those things are me but they aren’t only me.

I can’t be the only person who has gone through a break up! How did you guys do this?

Can’t wait to hear from you guys,

Sabrina Ingram.