Why Did I Go Vegan?


This is the most common question that I’ve heard since the moment that I became vegan. “Why did you do it?” Like it’s some unimaginable concept that somebody could become vegan, that somebody could make the decision to change their eating habits to this degree.


I’ll admit that I changed a lot, it wasn’t even one of those things that I slowly began to cut things out, all of it was simply gone one day. I had one last day where I ate tuna sandwiches and cereal and almost had half a thing of nutella as my parting goodbye. It was a decision, something that came about from a moment of curiosity.


I was struggling with food, something that has been an on-going battle which will definitely be something that I discuss more in the future. At the time, I was 200 pounds and felt absolutely disgusting and I was binge eating all of the time. I was not in a good place.


And then one day, I was on YouTube and I found all of these vegan YouTubers. I started watching vegan videos, like foods and recipes. I watched videos on why people became vegan and why people were not vegan and I became curious.


I started watching documentaries and videos of how animals are treated and it was during “Cowspiracy” that I had this epiphany. Or rather this general disgust. I was watching how cows were treated and I just couldn’t stomach the idea of eating meat ever again. I couldn’t stomach the idea of being the reason why these animals were being mistreated.


But it wasn’t just that, I was going through some things. I was unhappy and sad and I hated my body and I hated my diet. I didn’t think Veganism would fix it but I wanted to try.


Alongside all of these reasons, I have chronic stomach pain where I randomly get stabbing pains in my stomach which came after Gallbladder surgery back in November of 2015. I wanted a way to make this better and I knew that there was a possibility that changing my diet would positively impact this problem.



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Ferrets: Truth, Myths, and Stories Alike!


So, I haven’t really had the chance to mention Apple, my ferret, in a little while which is actually quite surprising for myself as he has quite quickly became my favorite thing in the entire world.


Though, I had never had what people would consider an unusual pet before which has created a lot of surprising reactions. There is a belief that they are incredibly smelly, that they are vicious and violent creatures, and even some assumptions that they wont play with you and don’t make attachments.


So, since I have had a ferret and have my first hand experience to account for this fact, I would like to share some stories and dispel and prove some of the assumptions that people have made about these amazing creatures.


The first thing that I would like to discuss is their smell, which seems to be the main thing that people are against and since I will not only be talking about my personal experiences, I will also link a few other things for each section so that you have a few other people who agree with me.


Ferrets do have an odor though I can definitely assure you that it is not an incredibly strong one that you can smell the second that you’re in the same room as them, no, this scent is actually something you can only really smell if you’re holding them or if you’re around something that they enjoy such as blankets.


One thing to seriously realize is that dogs, cats, humans, and ferrets alike have their unique scents!


The myth that they are incredibly smelly mostly comes with how well you take care of their cage or environment as their scent can worsen if they are in the wrong environments and while I will admit that my ferret is descented, most ferrets are so I’m not really worried about it.


Though, there is a scent which is why I will be sharing a few posts that gives tips or hints as to what may be the problem (such as diet) and how to reduce it!


Ferret Smell

Ferret Odors

How to Reduce Ferret Odor


Now onto the complete myth that ferrets are violent creatures, ferrets have natural reactions to things such as pain and even can get a little rough when playing. A thing to understand is that ferrets naturally play rough with each other and if you got your ferret from a place with other ferrets, their natural instinct is to play like that and it is your job to teach them not to do things such as biting your fingers and toes.


Though there actually are stories of ferrets being harmful to babies, as ferrets instinctively hunters and are complete carnivores. Because of this, it is highly inadvisable to allow your ferret alone with any sort of bird, rodent, or infant. While it is uncommon, stories such as Carrie Waldo and her son do happen but it is important to note that they ultimately found the parents at fault.


If you have a child, don’t leave them alone with the ferret and this incident is completely avoidable and another thing to note if something as violent as this does happen, were you feeding them enough? Their digestive tracts do not last incredibly long (at most 6 hours) and get hungry fairly quickly so once a day probably isn’t going to work very well.


Did this ferret have an incredibly bad experience? Do you know what kind of life the ferret had lived before you got them, had he experienced anything terrible since then? Ferrets don’t have short memories and will remember things for a long time. If you hurt them purposely once, they will remember it for years to come. If you don’t trust me though, please do tons of more research into the matter and look at this post which addresses the same situation as earlier, Are Ferrets Dangerous Pets?


Apple personally does bite, the tiniest bite in the world that is literally tasting you to see what you are and then leaves you alone unless he gets too excited or you scare him but it is never in a “I want to bite off your finger” way but “I WANNA PLAY!” or “HEY!” way.


The finally thing that I would like to talk about is the assumption that ferrets do not bond with their owners and won’t want to play with you. While ferrets do sleep about 11-18 hours a day, if they are awake, they are playing and are very different from cats in that aspect.


If you’re personally noticing a lack of interest in playing, account for how long you’ve actually had your ferret. Some ferrets may take longer to want to play with you than others (though this majorly depends on the ferrets themselves!) Another aspect is, how much are you letting him explore? They are natural explorers and want to explore more than all else.


Finally, how are you playing with him?


Ferrets do get bored and sometimes simply wont react to things that have lead to them being bored, Apple finds the most enjoyment from chasing you or you throwing the ball so he can bring it back to me. He also has a ball bit for when he wants to gets inside and play that way. It ensures that he doesn’t get bored and becomes more willing to play with you when you want the attention.


Don’t believe me? 


The final thing I want to address is bonding with their owners. This comes to an important variable. Your ferret’s unique personality and yours including how well it gets along.


Apple and I got along from the very moment we met, playful and enjoying each others company which has caused a lot of bonding between us to the point that he has separation anxiety.


While his actions were not immediate, he has slowly grown to be more and more dependent on me. Immediate actions that I noticed from him is that he wouldn’t do anything unless I told him to do so.


My mom would try to take him out of the cage and almost immediately, he would come out and then go back inside if he didn’t couldn’t find me. It was like he didn’t want to play unless I was around and not two minutes later, I would be in the room and he would come running towards me.


Not only that but if he got tired or scared, I would notice that he would come cuddle up with me. If he was out of his cage for more than 20 to 30 minutes when he was little, he would come to my spot on the couch and lay on my chest until he fell asleep.


Another incident when he was a little older was him trying to get on top of my dresser (which is incredibly short) and a calculator fell on top of him which lead to him jump attacking me so that I would hold him as he licked my hand until he calmed down.


The funniest story involving him was after a sleepover at a friend of mines house, he hadn’t seen me in not even 24 hours and my mom had this video of him searching for me and then immediately going into his cage.


After I got home, however, he would follow me around for days and an important thing to note is that he absolutely despises water. He has hated water since the moment I gave him a bath and he tried to drown himself (he didn’t realize that if he just lifted his head, he would be able to breathe) and absolutely despises it.


Well, one day, the first time I was gonna leave the house since then, I got in the shower and he was out of the cage because there are no small children and the house is ferret proofed fairly well so he has a lot of freedom and so I got in the shower and he followed me in. Like he jumped into the shower and you could tell from his reaction that he immediately regretted his decision the second the water hit him.


He looked so awkward and annoyed by the water as he tried to find a spot away that I actually took him out so he wouldn’t have to deal with it but he just jumped right back inside. So, he still hated the water and wanted away from it but he still wanted me to be near him so you could practically see his little gears turning while he tried to figure out what he was going to do.


I finally came up with idea of showing him the shower curtain because then he wouldn’t be hit by the water but he would still be in the bath and he got so excited and immediately got behind and laid down but after a few seconds, he seemed to get upset by something so he reached one of his front paws out and grabbed onto my pinkie toe. (When I hold him, he often holds one of my fingers so this didn’t surprise me very much!)


So despite his complete hatred for water, he still wanted to be near me and even wanted to still be able to touch me so he held out of his foot just so he could. Not only that but if my foot got out of his reach, he would try to bite me so I would stop moving.


He faced one of his least favorite things just so he could be with me.


Now, I know, this is just one story but honestly, it’s my best story and if you don’t believe me with it, I guess I can just prove it to you by showing you this article which proves that ferrets bond similar to dogs rather than acting like a wild animal would.


Ferrets and Their Owners


If you’re using me to decide whether you really want a ferret, I highly suggest doing a lot more research as to whether that may be a good idea as there are a lot of personal factors and they do require a lot of time and maintenance.


Do a lot of research on the topic and watch plenty of Youtube videos.


Here is my Youtube Playlist for Ferrets that I watched when researching Ferrets!

Ferrets My Ferret Powerpoint that I made!

Are you struggling with your Ferret Biting? Check out the method that worked for me!


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Routines and Researching – My Aspect of The Whole Ordeal as a Writer


So you want to hear something about a writer that changes within every writer? Routines.

There are writers such as E.B. White who wrote Charlotte’s Web among many other books who is strongly against listening to music while he works. There are other writers who write while they have earbuds in their ear or the people who write for hours at a time like Haruki Murakami who wrote Norwegian Woods and those who write for sporadic amounts of time.

Every single writer is different in one simple thing, their routines. Honestly, if I knew a lot of writers, that is the thing that I would grill them about? Because the routine is how you learn about the writer as a person, a very clear cut giveaway to the inner working minds of them.

Can they listen to music or have a television playing in the background or do they need complete and utter silence? Do they need to be alone or can they get sidetracked while you are having a conversation and zone out because of it? Do they write for hours and hours at a time or can they write for 20 minutes a day?

Research is actually involved in their routine, well the prep for their routine. Do they know exactly what is going to happen from the second they sit down to write? Or do they wing it for a while? Maybe even the entire time?

I am one of those people who wing it until the characters are speaking for themselves. When I am no longer scratching for what the characters would say or do, that is when I make my plan. That moment is also the deciding factor for if I finish the story.

When I am finally able to make the plan, it means that I understand my characters well enough and also means that my love for the story is strong enough to propel me to the end.

I know that there are writers who write for a set amount of time for a long period of time but I am not like that at all. I can go about a week without writing or writing or just even a word a day until I feel like writing. Then there will be those moments, usually in the dead of night where my inspiration as it it’s finest and I can write thousands of words in a matter of an hour, all of this done while I binge watch some random show like Limitless, Quantico, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, or even One Tree Hill.

I am not a writer who needs silence, I am not a writer who can not multi- task, I am not a writer who needs to write for twenty minutes a day in order to write any other day.

Writers are not ones of a specific routine, they are not ones for specific rules of writing. They are writers who write and their passion is writing. It’s a myth that we are structured or that every single piece of work we do is magic, but we are writers.

Writers come with their own rules.