Vegan Cuts Chocolate Treasure Chest Review (Best to Worst Ranking!)


So I was actually back at my University when I received this in the mail. I bought it during Black Friday and used the wrong date because I wasn’t thinking about when it would actually arrive versus where I would be at the time but on December 15th, I came back to Greensboro and have been spending the last month trying the contents of the box and posting a review on my Twitter. So if you want to hear my honest thoughts, please go to my Twitter account to find my thoughts.


My thoughts on VeganCuts: The box actually arrived sooner than I thought it would since I bought it so late into November, I figured it wouldn’t be until February before I actually got the box but my mom told me that it actually arrived in the mail on January 3rd so timing and delivery is really cool. It came with a few coupons for the products inside but none of the products are sold near me besides online so I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with that. Specific to the box: I was really, really happy that none of it had strawberries because I am very, very allergic to them and would hate to not eat something…


In the Future: I however did order the January Vegan Cuts box so I will be posting that review soon and when I get back to Queens (on the 5th), I will pick up my Urthbox package from the mail center and post that as well. I will be posting an unboxing this month and as I finish the boxes, I will post my review of that particular box.




  • Theo Peanut Butter and Jelly – Chocolate Clusters

I’m not really sure what it is about this but I really liked it and I think when you’re taking into consideration that this is really a snack box, this fit the idea in the best way. It was really good and I craved it until it was all gone. This is actually the thing in the box that I’m most likely to buy in the future.


  • Turkish Delight Vegan Chocolate Truffle with Rose Essential Oil

As anyone on this page may know, I am absolutely OBSESSED with floral flavors and tastes so I always tend to buy those kind of things when I see them making this the thing that I would be most likely to buy before now. It definitely had a strong rose flavor to it and I actually ate that entire chocolate bar within the day that I tried it.


  • Freeyumm Double Chocolate Cookie

This was like a childhood dream coming back to me at full force. My mom used to make these No- Bake Oatmeal Cookies all of the time and it tasted exactly like this. I would totally buy this again but only if I could buy a huge box of them rather than just a measly little cookies.


  • Organic Ocho Coconut Bar

Does anybody remember Almond Joys and the parent thing that was called Mounds or whatever and it didn’t have any almonds? This tasted almost exactly like that, I would totally buy this in a heart beat, especially if it was at the cash register because I could totally see this being a major impulse buy on my part.


Smile Raw Superfood Bar – Banana, Pumpkin Seed, and Cacao Powder

So I wasn’t even entirely sure what this was, it was definitely a kind of bar but I’m not sure if it was specific to a kind of lifestyle (like weight lifting) or something like that and this honestly ignited the biggest banana craving of all time. Between this and that mint chocolate chip powder you’ll see below, I had a minor and short term addiction to smoothies (right up until I counted the calories on MyFitnessPal and almost cried.


  • Divine Dark Chocolate

So not gonna lie, this tasted exactly like those Dark Chocolate bars you would sell for your school in order to try and win those ridiculous prizes (which can we talk about a conspiracy I have about this because nobody ever talked about actually receiving their prizes) and honestly, I really wanted to look up their company to see if they have a caramel one because honestly, I think it would taste so amazing. (They don’t, sadly)


  • Vanini Dark Chocolate

On the real, this seemed like the most expensive chocolate in the entire world ($40 dollars for a regular sized bar) so I was fully expecting this to taste amazing and I was not disappointed. However, I could never afford to buy this in real life!


  • HUM Raw Beauty: Green Superfood Powder – Mint Chocolate Chip Infusion

I actually really did like this even though I would ultimate make this smoothie so complicated that it probably made the nutritional value of this null and void. It was really good before I added it, I just thought it tasted very watered (I had to use a glass of water because I didn’t have almond milk at the time)


  • Back to Nature Classic Creme Cookies

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these cookies. My problem with them is that they tasted exactly like Oreos and the ingredients list was so similar that it was almost useless not to simply call it oreos. I would have loved to try their chocolate chunk cookies because I feel that’s harder to get involved with.


  • Numi Chocolate Pu-Erh Organic Tea

Alright, so I had a pretty upsetting reaction. What I originally did was make a mug of tea with water and added one package of the tea before deciding it wasn’t strong enough and added a second thing. I didn’t taste any chocolate whatsoever and was very disappointed by this but if you add a bit of sugar than it does bring out the taste a bit. Numi’s did give me a recommendation for how I could try it so I will be posting/ or already have posted my thoughts on their recommendation on Twitter (@shewritingmore)


  • Raaka Pink Sea Salt – Unroasted Dark Chocolate

This was actually VERY good but it was insanely salty. Which I could see being nice if you were in just the right kind of mood and I could definitely see other people enjoying this piece of chocolate.


  • Sheffa Granola Bar – Mint Dark Chocolate

This was honestly just not my favorite thing in the entire world. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great and I definitely wouldn’t be buying it again but it was a nice thing to have the opportunity to try.


  • Antidote – Cacao with Dates

This was a super bitter and honestly, I am curious about some of the other flavors (specifically the lavender chocolate) however due to it being so bitter, I likely wont ever buy it again.


  • Earnest Eats Double Choco Espresso Bar

I am very into sweets which is a theme in this. If I didn’t think it was sweet than it was unlikely for me to like the chocolate but the problem for this was that it tasted like bitter black coffee and it just wasn’t my style. I did give it to my mom’s fiance and I think he finished it? I’m not entirely sure honestly.


  • Equal Exchange Chocolates – Lemon Ginger with Black Pepper

So, I ate exactly one piece of this. I originally loved the taste. I have always adored lemon and I was admittedly worried about the ginger because I hate it. So when it was simply in my mouth, I didn’t have a problem with it and THEN I made the decision to swallow it and that’s when the ginger hit me in the face. So I did ultimately give this to my mom’s fiance because he’s more likely to like these kind of things (he also finished off the Double Choco Espresso Bar)


  • Neat Black Bean Brownie Mix

Nope. Nope. Nope. Easily the worst thing in the entire box. Making it wasn’t even the problem but when I ate it, it was bitter and disgusting. Maybe if you didn’t tell me this was gonna be chocolatey and maybe if it wasn’t supposed to be a brownie, it would be okay but as it stands, I never ate more than a bite and I couldn’t get anyone else to eat it (because they didn’t like it).


Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden : Book Review

Book Title: Memoirs of a Geisha.

Author: Arthur Golden.

Publication Date:

Rating (Out of Five Stars): 3.5.

Book Review

My original interest towards this book actually stems from a random buy and I had actually never heard of the story beforehand until I was doing some research for a blog post (that I have yet to post… Sorry!) I thought it was so funny that I had found the book that I had literally just bought.


My attraction towards the book was kind of random, I was walking through the store when I saw the title from the corner of my eye and I continued to walk without even thinking about it. I had no idea what a geisha was and the story didn’t sound familiar to me but I kept noticing it out of the corner of my eye so I finally picked it up.


When I read the back of the book and how a geisha’s virginity was auctioned off, I was fascinated and quickly looked up the book on my phone to read more about what the story was about which is surprisingly hard to explain without giving up what the story is about.


Basically though, a geisha is a girl who is trained at a fairly young age in the art of dance, shamisen, and a few other things. She is given heavy amounts of makeup and is paid to entertain a man but this is nothing like prostitution as sex is typically not involved unless they are your Danna.


Unfortunately, you basically loose all control of yourself while you live in Okiya and still paying off the debts from school expenses, medical, and actually living in the Okiya. The aspect where you learned about this time period which focuses on girls is so fascinating that I couldn’t put the story down.


This follows the story of a popular and well known Geisha from before she even began training, to being sold to the Okiya for a sizable amount and more. The story follows her life through World War II.


But enough about what the story is about! Sorry, I really loved the mini history lesson that was ingrained throughout the entire story.


The writing, while at times long- winded and worthy of a good yawn, still had this ability to captivate you as it spoke, specifically if you were interested in the historical aspect of the story and learning more about being a geisha.


Of the many “famous” novels that I have written, this one definitely had the most personality and contained the ability to captivate somebody who wouldn’t typically enjoy reading.


If you enjoy historical fiction or have no idea what a geisha is, I would highly recommend this book but be aware that at times, it is long winded and hard to follow. I had to walk away quite a few times because I would get bored from the same talk as for quite a few chapters, it is fairly repetitive.


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My Review of Hogwarts Extreme

As a lover for Harry Potter, when I came across this role playing Harry Potter website, I was ecstatic and I would now like to give my review of the entire thing.

Upon logging in, I received an owl that informed that I must wait 24 hours for verification to pass before I could be sorted and in the meantime, I looked around the website and I found various different interesting things.


Daily Money – Every single hour, the amount of galleons change ranging anywhere from 5 galleons to 500 (though there is probably more, those are just what I witnessed.) This is a big gamble because you never know what the amount is going to be next time you check so often times, you settle and then regret it.

The Well – If you put 5 galleons into the well, you can win a random amount of money that is actually rather interesting though is just as risky as Daily Money except for this one where you actually pay galleons in order to receive galleons.

The Games

The first 5 games can earn you so many galleons though the wizarding math was rather confusing as you had to pay with chocolate frogs (and I completely lacked ever finding out where to find them!)

My favorite game was Counting the Wizarding Money where you literally just counted the Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts and it gave you so much money based off how quick you were in counting.

Once the Verification was up

Once it was up, it finally allowed me to get sorted where they asked you various questions (fill in the blank, check the boxes, and other various forms of questions) and then said to wait a few more hours to officially be sorted.

From what I understood of the website, the longevity of your wait completely is random and just depends on the circumstances. I have no idea how long mine personally took as I went to bed and then woke up to find out I had been sorted and my blood status had been decided.

Muggleborn Slytherin.

I’m a little disappointed that I am a Muggleborn but I have always considered myself to be a Slytherin!


Anyways, after this was decided I was finally able to register for classes where they gave me a long list of classes to choose from. After that, they told me the supplies I must get in order to begin taking the class.

After getting the supplies, since I had started after September 1st, I had a few late assignments.

Something I do not like : They give deductions for late assignments and as I completely adore this technique for if you joined before September first but it kind of sucks when you’re new and you already have no change of getting full points.

Anyways, the assignments are pretty easy. They give anywhere between 4 to 5 actual questions and if you answer them, you have the option of doing extra credit work.What you do is that you launch the lesson where they give you the lesson, very similar to reading somebodies roleplaying work.

You search the lessons for the answers, they are pretty straightforward and the answer is very clearly stated. This actually my favorite part of this entire thing, you get to take interesting classes and get graded on it. #YeahIAmaNerd


As you go around the area, you can find a variety of people performing magic. For example, while I was buying my books, I stumbled across somebody having thrown fireworks around.

Another time, I logged in to find somebody had thrown a Dark Mark Pendant that made everything dark and had Voldemort related thing. The Dark Mark that was in the sky during Goblet of Fire, Bellatrix Lestrange, and even the words Mordesmorde (at least, I think that is what it said, I am not completely sure!)

This actually genuinely pretty cool.


This is an interesting format as you can earn money by posting a chapter (Galleons, of course!) based of the quality of your work which I thought was really cool.

I am currently working on getting a Story Quill and Story Parchment but as of this moment, I do not own two school textbooks so I really need to work on that before I go on and post chapters and stuff. However, reading the fan fiction is perfectly fine.

Another thing I do not like : For the fanfiction, you can not search just the fanfiction stuff. So if you are looking for a Drapple story, you have to search through every single fan fiction instead of typing it in which is a hassle. Drapple = Draco + Apple.


I am not a role player, I like this game essentially only for the classes and the fan fiction so I was really worried that I would actually have to role play but you don’t and perhaps I will get more into role playing later on in the game but as of this moment, it is not something that I plan on participating.



After you complete your seven years at Hogwarts, you can choose a career where you then take classes based off your career and earning your own ability based off the career.

Every August, you are given the opportunity to change your career (AND STILL KEEP THE ABILITY YOU EARNED!)

The jobs are also pretty interesting!

A Problem That I Ran Into

So I genuinely have no memory of this but apparently, I had made two prior accounts to this one and I received an owl that informed that I had to choose between THOSE TWO. I don’t even remember those so I know I couldn’t have done much (if anything with them!) so I had to struggle to try and keep the one I had but thankfully they allowed me to.


Even though there are a few things that I would probably tweak, I genuinely do enjoy the site and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Don’t forget to add me as your hogfriend! ShesWritingMore