#BlackFriday Shopping Haul!

I actually don’t remember the sales for about half of it and I will not be including the final cost for anything that I bought because I always go a little crazy when I’m shopping and I just don’t feel like admitting that I went absolutely insane.


For those of you who will likely share their concern that I went Black Friday shopping, I went with my mother and her fiance and we actually went to some pretty calm places. Mind you, there are plenty of other shops that we went to and didn’t ultimately end up buying anything (i.e. Michaels and Rue 21).


Hot Topic




Hot Topic always has some decent sales on Black Friday and this one was no exception. All of their t-shirts (except for Fashion Tees) were $10 and with Crimes of Grindelwald having just recently come out, of course I HAD to buy a Niffler t-shirt, do you know me at all? 




This shirt actually was on sale for $12 dollars due to it being a fashion tee, but I didn’t realize that this was considered to be a fashion tee at the time so when I was at check- out, I was lucky enough for them to let me buy this shirt for $10 dollars. 




Hot Topic also had a generalized sale of buy one, get one half off. But the thing that I got for half off was actually a Christmas present for my lovely, lovely roommate so I will not be advertising that gift on here (as Christmas has not come around yet).


But this is a holiday advent jewelry set, where it’s supposed to come with a bracelet and 12 charms in each one of these advents, where you open one a day every day before Christmas. Do you remember the chocolate versions? It’s the same concept! 


Bath and Body Works




For this sale, it was buy 3, get 3 free and I always go a little… crazy when I’m at Bath and Body Works and as you all know very well, I am a STRONG believer in Aromatherapy so I bought a lot of their collection of that.




Arometherapy’s Comfort, featuring scents like vanilla and patchoulli, shower steamers. The goal of this is to put it in your showers, right outside the steam/ water and let it melt slowly and it’s supposed to bring comfort. I fully believe in Aromatherapy, but I am a little nervous about shower steamers and was curious to see how it would work. 




Aromatherapy’s Sleep, with the new scent of Black Chamomile, pillow mist. I thought that a pillow mist was fitting for an aromatherapy meant for sleep which is why I bought it and admittedly, I’m really excited about the fact that they have a new option for their sleep aromatherapy as I hate the smell of lavender and it made me less likely to use it as I wanted to desperately avoid the scent. 




With my newfound single life, as my past relationship has officially dissolved, I decided to play around with Arometherapy’s Love, featuring scents of Rose and Vanilla, Body Scrub to see what would happen in the love department of my life.




Aromatherapy’s Stress Relief, featuring scents of Eucalyptus and Spearmint, Concentrated Room Spray. I haven’t been talking too much about my dorm life but recently, it has come to my attention that some of my residential hall neighbors have complained about the scent coming from my dorm, AKA Apple’s fault. Because of this, Madison helped me buy one of those room sprays that spray every 5 minutes and I bought a carpet de-odorizer but in case those things don’t work, I also bought this and I thought both my roommate and I could really use this to our advantage.




Aromatherapy’s Focus, featuring scents of Eucalyptus and Tea, nourishing Body Oil. I really feel that every college student needs this. It helps them focus on the task at hand, such as homework instead of getting distracted by their own mind. 




Aromatherapy’s Happiness, including scents like Bergamot and Mandarin, Body Wash and Foam Bath. Happiness has probably been my internal struggle for the longest time and this honestly does make me feel a little better. 




This one doesn’t have a picture to come along with it but I decided to look around at the vegan snack boxes since I had a little extra money and came across UrthBox. I only bought one of their vegan snack boxes, their large one with 25+ snacks but for Black Friday, if you bought anything on the store then you got an extra box so I will be having two snack boxes coming in soon enough and I was actually planning on showing you guys what is inside the boxes! While I wouldn’t typically reveal how much I bought, I’m actually really proud of this deal as I bought two large snack boxes for $39.99. The box typically costs 49.99 but I also got another $10 off using HONEY!




I had actually heard of vegan cuts before, as I had found a lot of videos on box openings and really, desperately wanted to try a box. I would have gone with Vegan Cuts for my snack box but the UrthBox was ultimately cheaper for more snacks today but I still got to buy their Vegan Chocolate Treasure Chest for $32 dollars and free shipping, compared to original cost of $76.15, not including shipping. I will also be doing a video regarding on the contents of this box as well! 


JC Penney’s


This is a lavender, white, and grey sweatshirt with some sort of down arrow design to the top of the sweatshirt. It was actually one of the first things I saw at JC Penney’s and I just had to have it. I can’t recall what it was on sale for, as you’ll notice within time but I’ve always loved some of JC Penney’s clothing even though it’s typically on the girlier side.




It probably doesn’t surprise anybody that you can find me in the boy’s section of many stores and JC Penney’s is no exception. As you can see on the tag, this shirt is typically $20 but on Black Friday, it was a mere $5 dollars. FOR A HARRY POTTER SHIRT NO LESS.



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My Review of Hogwarts Extreme

As a lover for Harry Potter, when I came across this role playing Harry Potter website, I was ecstatic and I would now like to give my review of the entire thing.

Upon logging in, I received an owl that informed that I must wait 24 hours for verification to pass before I could be sorted and in the meantime, I looked around the website and I found various different interesting things.


Daily Money – Every single hour, the amount of galleons change ranging anywhere from 5 galleons to 500 (though there is probably more, those are just what I witnessed.) This is a big gamble because you never know what the amount is going to be next time you check so often times, you settle and then regret it.

The Well – If you put 5 galleons into the well, you can win a random amount of money that is actually rather interesting though is just as risky as Daily Money except for this one where you actually pay galleons in order to receive galleons.

The Games

The first 5 games can earn you so many galleons though the wizarding math was rather confusing as you had to pay with chocolate frogs (and I completely lacked ever finding out where to find them!)

My favorite game was Counting the Wizarding Money where you literally just counted the Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts and it gave you so much money based off how quick you were in counting.

Once the Verification was up

Once it was up, it finally allowed me to get sorted where they asked you various questions (fill in the blank, check the boxes, and other various forms of questions) and then said to wait a few more hours to officially be sorted.

From what I understood of the website, the longevity of your wait completely is random and just depends on the circumstances. I have no idea how long mine personally took as I went to bed and then woke up to find out I had been sorted and my blood status had been decided.

Muggleborn Slytherin.

I’m a little disappointed that I am a Muggleborn but I have always considered myself to be a Slytherin!


Anyways, after this was decided I was finally able to register for classes where they gave me a long list of classes to choose from. After that, they told me the supplies I must get in order to begin taking the class.

After getting the supplies, since I had started after September 1st, I had a few late assignments.

Something I do not like : They give deductions for late assignments and as I completely adore this technique for if you joined before September first but it kind of sucks when you’re new and you already have no change of getting full points.

Anyways, the assignments are pretty easy. They give anywhere between 4 to 5 actual questions and if you answer them, you have the option of doing extra credit work.What you do is that you launch the lesson where they give you the lesson, very similar to reading somebodies roleplaying work.

You search the lessons for the answers, they are pretty straightforward and the answer is very clearly stated. This actually my favorite part of this entire thing, you get to take interesting classes and get graded on it. #YeahIAmaNerd


As you go around the area, you can find a variety of people performing magic. For example, while I was buying my books, I stumbled across somebody having thrown fireworks around.

Another time, I logged in to find somebody had thrown a Dark Mark Pendant that made everything dark and had Voldemort related thing. The Dark Mark that was in the sky during Goblet of Fire, Bellatrix Lestrange, and even the words Mordesmorde (at least, I think that is what it said, I am not completely sure!)

This actually genuinely pretty cool.


This is an interesting format as you can earn money by posting a chapter (Galleons, of course!) based of the quality of your work which I thought was really cool.

I am currently working on getting a Story Quill and Story Parchment but as of this moment, I do not own two school textbooks so I really need to work on that before I go on and post chapters and stuff. However, reading the fan fiction is perfectly fine.

Another thing I do not like : For the fanfiction, you can not search just the fanfiction stuff. So if you are looking for a Drapple story, you have to search through every single fan fiction instead of typing it in which is a hassle. Drapple = Draco + Apple.


I am not a role player, I like this game essentially only for the classes and the fan fiction so I was really worried that I would actually have to role play but you don’t and perhaps I will get more into role playing later on in the game but as of this moment, it is not something that I plan on participating.



After you complete your seven years at Hogwarts, you can choose a career where you then take classes based off your career and earning your own ability based off the career.

Every August, you are given the opportunity to change your career (AND STILL KEEP THE ABILITY YOU EARNED!)

The jobs are also pretty interesting!

A Problem That I Ran Into

So I genuinely have no memory of this but apparently, I had made two prior accounts to this one and I received an owl that informed that I had to choose between THOSE TWO. I don’t even remember those so I know I couldn’t have done much (if anything with them!) so I had to struggle to try and keep the one I had but thankfully they allowed me to.


Even though there are a few things that I would probably tweak, I genuinely do enjoy the site and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Don’t forget to add me as your hogfriend! ShesWritingMore