Vegan Cuts Chocolate Treasure Chest Review (Best to Worst Ranking!)


So I was actually back at my University when I received this in the mail. I bought it during Black Friday and used the wrong date because I wasn’t thinking about when it would actually arrive versus where I would be at the time but on December 15th, I came back to Greensboro and have been spending the last month trying the contents of the box and posting a review on my Twitter. So if you want to hear my honest thoughts, please go to my Twitter account to find my thoughts.


My thoughts on VeganCuts: The box actually arrived sooner than I thought it would since I bought it so late into November, I figured it wouldn’t be until February before I actually got the box but my mom told me that it actually arrived in the mail on January 3rd so timing and delivery is really cool. It came with a few coupons for the products inside but none of the products are sold near me besides online so I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with that. Specific to the box: I was really, really happy that none of it had strawberries because I am very, very allergic to them and would hate to not eat something…


In the Future: I however did order the January Vegan Cuts box so I will be posting that review soon and when I get back to Queens (on the 5th), I will pick up my Urthbox package from the mail center and post that as well. I will be posting an unboxing this month and as I finish the boxes, I will post my review of that particular box.




  • Theo Peanut Butter and Jelly – Chocolate Clusters

I’m not really sure what it is about this but I really liked it and I think when you’re taking into consideration that this is really a snack box, this fit the idea in the best way. It was really good and I craved it until it was all gone. This is actually the thing in the box that I’m most likely to buy in the future.


  • Turkish Delight Vegan Chocolate Truffle with Rose Essential Oil

As anyone on this page may know, I am absolutely OBSESSED with floral flavors and tastes so I always tend to buy those kind of things when I see them making this the thing that I would be most likely to buy before now. It definitely had a strong rose flavor to it and I actually ate that entire chocolate bar within the day that I tried it.


  • Freeyumm Double Chocolate Cookie

This was like a childhood dream coming back to me at full force. My mom used to make these No- Bake Oatmeal Cookies all of the time and it tasted exactly like this. I would totally buy this again but only if I could buy a huge box of them rather than just a measly little cookies.


  • Organic Ocho Coconut Bar

Does anybody remember Almond Joys and the parent thing that was called Mounds or whatever and it didn’t have any almonds? This tasted almost exactly like that, I would totally buy this in a heart beat, especially if it was at the cash register because I could totally see this being a major impulse buy on my part.


Smile Raw Superfood Bar – Banana, Pumpkin Seed, and Cacao Powder

So I wasn’t even entirely sure what this was, it was definitely a kind of bar but I’m not sure if it was specific to a kind of lifestyle (like weight lifting) or something like that and this honestly ignited the biggest banana craving of all time. Between this and that mint chocolate chip powder you’ll see below, I had a minor and short term addiction to smoothies (right up until I counted the calories on MyFitnessPal and almost cried.


  • Divine Dark Chocolate

So not gonna lie, this tasted exactly like those Dark Chocolate bars you would sell for your school in order to try and win those ridiculous prizes (which can we talk about a conspiracy I have about this because nobody ever talked about actually receiving their prizes) and honestly, I really wanted to look up their company to see if they have a caramel one because honestly, I think it would taste so amazing. (They don’t, sadly)


  • Vanini Dark Chocolate

On the real, this seemed like the most expensive chocolate in the entire world ($40 dollars for a regular sized bar) so I was fully expecting this to taste amazing and I was not disappointed. However, I could never afford to buy this in real life!


  • HUM Raw Beauty: Green Superfood Powder – Mint Chocolate Chip Infusion

I actually really did like this even though I would ultimate make this smoothie so complicated that it probably made the nutritional value of this null and void. It was really good before I added it, I just thought it tasted very watered (I had to use a glass of water because I didn’t have almond milk at the time)


  • Back to Nature Classic Creme Cookies

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these cookies. My problem with them is that they tasted exactly like Oreos and the ingredients list was so similar that it was almost useless not to simply call it oreos. I would have loved to try their chocolate chunk cookies because I feel that’s harder to get involved with.


  • Numi Chocolate Pu-Erh Organic Tea

Alright, so I had a pretty upsetting reaction. What I originally did was make a mug of tea with water and added one package of the tea before deciding it wasn’t strong enough and added a second thing. I didn’t taste any chocolate whatsoever and was very disappointed by this but if you add a bit of sugar than it does bring out the taste a bit. Numi’s did give me a recommendation for how I could try it so I will be posting/ or already have posted my thoughts on their recommendation on Twitter (@shewritingmore)


  • Raaka Pink Sea Salt – Unroasted Dark Chocolate

This was actually VERY good but it was insanely salty. Which I could see being nice if you were in just the right kind of mood and I could definitely see other people enjoying this piece of chocolate.


  • Sheffa Granola Bar – Mint Dark Chocolate

This was honestly just not my favorite thing in the entire world. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great and I definitely wouldn’t be buying it again but it was a nice thing to have the opportunity to try.


  • Antidote – Cacao with Dates

This was a super bitter and honestly, I am curious about some of the other flavors (specifically the lavender chocolate) however due to it being so bitter, I likely wont ever buy it again.


  • Earnest Eats Double Choco Espresso Bar

I am very into sweets which is a theme in this. If I didn’t think it was sweet than it was unlikely for me to like the chocolate but the problem for this was that it tasted like bitter black coffee and it just wasn’t my style. I did give it to my mom’s fiance and I think he finished it? I’m not entirely sure honestly.


  • Equal Exchange Chocolates – Lemon Ginger with Black Pepper

So, I ate exactly one piece of this. I originally loved the taste. I have always adored lemon and I was admittedly worried about the ginger because I hate it. So when it was simply in my mouth, I didn’t have a problem with it and THEN I made the decision to swallow it and that’s when the ginger hit me in the face. So I did ultimately give this to my mom’s fiance because he’s more likely to like these kind of things (he also finished off the Double Choco Espresso Bar)


  • Neat Black Bean Brownie Mix

Nope. Nope. Nope. Easily the worst thing in the entire box. Making it wasn’t even the problem but when I ate it, it was bitter and disgusting. Maybe if you didn’t tell me this was gonna be chocolatey and maybe if it wasn’t supposed to be a brownie, it would be okay but as it stands, I never ate more than a bite and I couldn’t get anyone else to eat it (because they didn’t like it).


I Just Need…

This entire time I have been searching

For something worth fight for

You were there for me

But I must have overlooked you

It wasn’t until I realized

That you’re the sunshine

Amidst the storm

The light at the end of the tunnel

At first I didn’t realize

But now I know That this entire time

You have been my reason for fighting

I have been drowning

And I need you to save me

I have been falling

And I need you to catch me

I have been fighting all alone.

I didn’t realize you were still there

I didn’t realize you were waiting for me to realize

Now I will fight harder

And know that it is because of you.

I just need your smile

I just need your touch

I just need you

To be there and know

That through my fighting

I will fight for you

As long as you allow me

And as long as you are willing to let me.

I will fight for you.

Because I just need your smile

10 Things to Do After a Break Up

If you’re going through a break up, you’re probably lost. A mixture between wanting to cry or punch everything in sight and sometimes wanting to do all of the above at the exact same time.


There’s a lot of things that you’re probably angry or upset about but this post isn’t about dwelling on all of that.


So here are 10 things to do after a break up besides THINKING about the break up.


1.Become closer to your friends. With being in a relationship, you’ve probably been taking yourself away from your friends but this time is absolutely the time to try and fix that. You need your friends more than ever right about now, to distract you from your feelings or even to vent. This break up has caused me to become so much closer to my friends.


 I find myself appreciating my friends more than ever right now.


2. Do something on your bucket list! If you have a bucket list, which you probably do, this is the perfect time to finish something on it. So take out your bucket list, figure out what you want to do and do it!


Break ups are just the end of a chapter, not the end of your life.


3. Delete him from everything. I know, this is hard and scary but trust me, it helps. You do not need to be finding yourself stalking his tweets on twitter or his new pictures on Facebook or see his story on Snapchat. It just isn’t what you need in your life and it WILL hurt you more to see his happy smile or anything else.




4. Try out a new look. This is the time to self indulge and not be criticized so cut your hair, wear something crazy, or just plain dress down. Sometimes a little mascara helps a lot for your self esteem.




5. Post a new profile picture. If you’re anything like me, your profile picture was probably you and your ex so now it is time to change your profile picture! Make sure it’s sexy and hot!


Prove that you can be happy without him.


6. Get your flirt on. I mean, yeah, you just got out of a relationship but I mean, you’re finally free! So get dressed up, put on some mascara, and get your flirt on. Perfect chance to flutter your eyes and prove to your ex that you don’t need him and to get your self esteem up.




7. Focus on your schoolwork. Schoolwork is going to come up soon and maybe this is the time to stop procrastinating and to just study. You are an independent woman and so prove that and get your grades up (or even focus on your career!)




8. Eat ice cream or some other dessert. You are single, girl and this is the magic recipe for a break up. It’s like a right of passage and you will not be judged. So self indulge, you don’t have to look good for anyone anymore.




9. Create a Playlist. Man, it’s time to listen to music and smile. You used to have to listen out for his messages but no more so feel free to blast the music and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs. If you don’t want to make a playlist yourself, listen to this one!




10. Read a Book! You have been so busy hanging out with him, I doubt you’ve had time to read and if you’d like, you could read my book. It’s all about a girl getting over her break up and falling in love.




But most of all, just enjoy yourself.


We are the single sisters,

Sabrina Ingram.

Something That I Like About You – POEM


There’s Something

Going On Inside My Heart.

Something That is Affecting My Brain.

It Beats Harder When My Eyes Are On You.

My Eyes are Blinded When My Eyes Are On You.

For Some Reason I Can’t See Anyone Else.

And That’s When I Know.

That My Feelings For You

Are Something I Can’t Ignore.

Because There is Something I Like About You

Something That’s Made Me Fall for You.

I Can’t Decide If It’s the Way Your Eyes Are So Kind

Or If It’s The Smile I See When I Look At You.

There is Something I Like About You

Something That’s Made Me Fall Deeply For You.

Something I Can’t Ignore.

Maybe It’s the Feeling I Have When I Touch You

The Feeling of Security and Warmth.

Maybe It’s The Way You Make Me Laugh

When I’m About to Crack.

Maybe It’s the Way You Make Me Smile

Even When It’s My Darkest Days.

There Is Something That I Like About You

That’s Making Me Fall

Something That I Can’t Decide On.

I’ve Thought About It

That Thing That Is Making Making Me Fall For You.

That Thing That Makes Me Want to Tell You That  I’m In Love With You.

There Is Something That I Like About You

Maybe It’s The Way You Make Me Feel

Or Maybe It’s the Way You Look at Me.

But Yet Again

There Is Something I Like About You

That Thing That Made Me Fall For You.

Maybe It’s All the Following Things.

Maybe It’s Just You I Fell For.

Not the Little Things

But Because Their Your Little Things.

There Is Something That I Like About You

Something That Made Me Fall For You.

Something I Can’t Ignore.